My poor baby...

I'm really worried about Minoes. She's been very lethargic for the past week. Basically all she does is sleep on my bed. She's still eating and drinking, but when I stroke her back and get near her abdomen she cries out.
I googled her symptoms and I think she had constipation.


My poor darling... I'm going to take her to the vet tomorrow night. Ay least that way I'll have weekend to fuss over her.


London 2013 - Day 5: Pack up and leave!

I can't believe I'm already on the ferry home! This week has flown by.


But first: yesterday evening, The Lion King. We had tickets for the grand circle and I'd hoped we'd be sitting nearer to the front, but unfortunately our seats were all the way up. Normally this would't have bothered me, but during the opening song of the Lion King the puppeteers enter the theatre by walking through the audience and we didn't get to see that now.
Aside from that, it was an amazing performance, they have stayed very close to the original Disney picture, but have adapted it completely to a stage performance. And the singing and dancing is beautiful.
And I love the British atmosphere in the theatre... it's so much more enthousiastic.


This morning we had to pack and check out, which took some time and then we went to Oxford Street first to get rid of our last British pounds. I spend them all at Uniqlo.
My mum fell in love with Mark's and Spencer's... we stayed there for two hours(!) After that I was slightly less enthusiastic about the place.
We planned on taking a short stroll to Hyde Park just before we had to take the train to Harwich, but we took a wrong turn so eventually we ended back at King's Cross.
I didn't mind too much. By that time I was already pretty wiped out and a last day is always a bit... weird... Your mind is already half and half on the journey back, so you'r constantly checking your watch.
I remember the first time I went to London I had a near-panick attack at the thought I'd miss out on something. But since then I've already been back two times and I'll probably go again some day.


Still, when the train drove away from Liverpool Station I was feeling a little blue. Like I usually feel when Christmas is over.


Anyway, now we're at the boat. There was some hassle with wrong train tickets and problems with boarding the ferry because of some technical stuff but we've just taken off and the boat is shaking a little. Tomorrow when I wake up I will be back in the Netherlands again.


bee happy


I'm bundled up at the top bunk of the cabin somewhere on the North Sea. Travelling by ferry might end up being my favourite way of getting to London.
Sweet dreams everyone!

@Lavenderandhay: I *loved* your story!!! Will do a properly review as soon as wil let me.


Packed up and ready to go...

Everything is in there... I checked and double-checked...


Now I'm sitting at my sunny balcony, enjoying my coffee and cuddling the cats.
Because that's the one thing I don't like - not seeing my girls for a week.


I'm waiting for my dad to call, he's at the airport now, picking up my brother who's returning from the States today.
We'll have a quick family gathering before the other half is about to take off.
Then in the afternoon mum and I will go to Hoek van Holland harbour Bij train. My grandfather lives in Hoek van Holland, so we're going to see him before going on the ferry. </p>

Crafting London style...

Hi guys,
I'm going to London tomorrow for a couple of days and apart from Covent Garden and every Starbucks in the city, I'm looking for good craft stores/ crafty places to go.


Well, that's nice and vague... At home I know my (budget) places where I can get my craft supplies, but can anyone recommend places in London?
I like crocheting, knitting, paper crafts, sewing and cake/ cupcake decorating.