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The sock frustration

Work's still going strong. Today the kids had a half day because we had another comprehensive reading strategies training. On Thursday I'll be away from the classroom all week because of a preschool program coordinators training day. My student teacher and the teacher assistent will take of my class and I curious to see how it'll turn out.
So all in all, it's a bit of a 'messy' week.
On a bright note though: my stick insects are unexpectedly thriving and I really enjoy taking care of them. They've grown a lot and one of the eggs even hatched. Unfortunately the little one didn't make it, but the rest of them are doing really well.

(In comparison: my 2nd Grade co-worker had stick insects as well, but placed them on a windowsill in her classroom, in direct sunlight. The tank turned into a sauna and all the stick insect dried out)
I've been told that as soon as their armpits turn orange, they're ready to lay eggs, so I'm closely watching that.

I have a ton of church-related activities this week, way too much to be honest. I still need to write the minutes of last weeks administration committee, there's Christmas service committee tomorrow, a congregation meeting on Wednesday and church group on Thursday. Which I"m going to skip.
Thankfully Christmas service committee is at my place tomorrow, so that's one more night I don't have to go out.

And of course the knitting socks project is still going.
The first try-out sock I did turned out resonably well, so last week I started on my first official pair. I used left over yarn from the shawl I finished two weeks ago, but that didnt' work out so well. The yarn is too thick, throwing off the measuring table. I now have a very large, uneven socks that just looks bizarre. So I'm going to start again and take it with me on to Stich 'n Bitch this Friday.

Minoes is doing very well, I've found a way to deal with her excessive meowing. She's been doing a lot of that since Jo and Saartje moved out and I went back to work. She just needs lots of cuddles and attention and I just have to mind that I'm not away from home every single night.
Saturday was World Animals Day, so she got a new toy-mouse, snacks and a new collar.

My weekend was okay. On Saturday I went to a sample sale of a webshop that has really nice dresses. The sample sale was held in Bunnik, which is a nearby, tiny village.
Unfortunately I hadn't read the inivte clear enough and left thinking it would start at 11:30 AM. Which it didn't, they didn't open until 14:30 PM. So I had three hours to kill in a place that only had a handful of stores. They did have a bookshop though. It was mostly stationary and magazines, but I ended up buying 'The Rosie Project' by Graeme Simsion and spend the rest of te morning outside a small dinner, reading and drinking - the world's worst- coffee.
I ended up buying two dresses, so that was nice.

Yesterday was just really low-key. I finished reading 'The Rosie Project' which is a really fun book to read. Bit like: what would happen if Sheldon and Penny from Big Bang Theory would end up together?
Or the kind of book to give to Amy Farrah Fowler just to keep her spirits up.

On a family-related note:
My grandfather has taken a turn for the worst. A few months ago they diagnosed him with stomach and liver cancer, but because he refused any kind of examination or treatment, nobody knows how far progressed the cancer is. He's been feeling very weak and sick lately, so we all think it won't be very long.
It's very sad in a way, on the other hand: he's ready to die. I think he has been since my grandmother died three years ago.

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I've heard good things about The Rosie Project but haven't read it. I'd like to.

So sorry to hear about your grandfather *hugs*