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Drama in the Dutch department

17 June
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I´m a kindergarten teacher for almost ten years now. I love teaching in general... I´m the girl who never played ´mummy´ with her dolls, but always ´school´. Occasionally (about once a week) I get frustrated with admin drama, paperwork etc. My work is a big part of my life and I tend to yap about it a lot.

I live in the same town I grew up in, with most of my family close by. I have an apartment which I currently share with my sister.

I´m from the Netherlands and as such not a native speaker. Spell-check is my friend, but occasionally I go wrong.

I´m a christian. I go to a small, rather conservative reformed church in the town I live in. I'm pretty active and I have a strong sense of community.

I have a beautiful, six year old calico-cat called Minoes. My sister has a little red and white tabby named Saartje since the summer. They manage to co-exist... most of the time.

I love color. In my home, in my clothes, in my classroom... it just makes me happy.
I love making & decorating cupcakes, baking in general, reading, watching tv, sewing and deocrating my house (or my classroom)
I'm an avid crocheter a go to a local Stitch 'n Bitch group.
At the moment I'm also in the process of decorating a modern-styled dollhouse.

Overall good traits: I´m easy-going, inclined to believe the best of people, wary of conflicts and thoughtfull.
Overall bad traits: I´m easy-going, inclined to believe the best of people, wary of conlficts and thoughtfull.
Oh... and I can be *very* long-winded.

My journal is mostly friends-locked and I´m a bit carefull about giving away too much personal information. (like actual names, locations etc.) It comes with being a teacher I guess... I´d hate for parents or students to be able to google my name and being able to read the whole 411. But I love making new friends, so if you´ll drop me a line I´ll probably friend you back. I